The Never Ending Water Cycle

The water cycle
Water is everywhere. The water in your drink bottle could of been water from the sea just a few days ago. There is water in the atmosphere, rivers, & lakes. It moves around and around the water cycle. Water changes state between liquid, gas and solid.

When the water is heated up, it creates water vapour/ steam.Gases rise up to the air by a proccess called evaporation. Steam is created when water is heated over the boiling point, but water vapour is also created when the water's temperature is between the boiling point and the freezing point. When the water temperature is under the freezing point, it freezes and becomes solid ice. When water is heated by rocks, it creates geysers. Geyser fields are usually near volcanic areas.
As the water vapour/steam rise up to the air and hits the atmosphere, it will cool and change into water droplets and form a cloud.

This process is called condensation . The clouds journey around the world as the wind blows. When the water droplets get too heavy they drop, this process is called precipitation

The water cycle is how water travels around the world. The water cycle on earth will never run out. When the water get drunk by animals or humans, ´╗┐it will still come out of the body.

Did you know?
The scientific name
for the water cycle

What are clouds?
Clouds are tiny water droplets grouped together. When steam/ water vapour cools down, it changes into water droplets joined together as clouds. Clouds turn dark because there are too many water droplets and its too thick for the sun to reflect off it, so it looks dark and gray.

What is the difference between water vapour and steam? Check this out is it scientific or not? You decide!
When water becomes hot/warm it evaporates into steam/water vapour. Steam is created when water is heated over boiling point, but water vapour is also created when water vapour is heated between the freezing and boiling point.

Did You Know ?
Water on the plants
evaporate too. This
proccess is called


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