Welcome to our Wiki!
I have set this up to allow focussed use of the internet and Web 2.0 tools to assist your child with their learning in
a safe online environment.

I monitor all the discussions- all entries are emailed to me so I can ensure all is as it should be.

If you have any questions please post on discussion board and I can respond.

Ask your child how to do it!

The computers are available before school to the students if they do not have access at home- Glenfield Library has a great homework programme too.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and your support of your child's learning via Homelink is appreciated. I recognise the range of things that kids do these days so I have asked them to record significant activities, conversations and experiences as Homelink that enhances their learning experience. (See Homelink book)

Please feel free to come and see me or alternatively email me if you have a need to:
Happy learning with your child!

Lyndal Fonokalafi
Teacher Room 15